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Friday, October 12, 2018

Results of the presidential election: this request for Kamto annoys Paul Biya

The camp of Cameroonian presidential candidate Maurice Kamto, who claimed victory, asked Wednesday for an investigation into the "false" election observers presented by the state media as commissioned by Transparency International, which the NGO has denial.

"A public inquiry must be opened as soon as possible to find out who these false representatives of Transparency International are, who are the ones who brought them," Maurice Kamto spokesman Olivier Bibou Nissack told the press in Yaounde.

On Monday evening, state television CRTV broadcast an alleged press conference of alleged election observers presented as employees of the NGO Transparency International who welcomed the good conduct of the poll.

"The vote counting process in Cameroon is a real lesson of democracy," said one of the six people presented by state television as observers commissioned by the NGOs.

But on Tuesday, Transparency International denied in a statement that it sent an observation mission, judging "unacceptable" the usurpation of title of which it was the object.

These alleged observers said Tuesday on social networks have been invited by the body "Cameroon Press Agency", which was unreachable Wednesday for comment.

The twitter account "Agence Cameroun Presse" was launched in July 2018, as well as its website.

Before the presidential campaign, many accounts on social networks and websites were created by different political actors.

Maurice Kamto's spokesman said Wednesday that a complaint would be filed against CRTV, and said the alleged observers "were there to endorse frauds".

He also denounced the attacks on Mr. Kamto and said that "nowhere has there been more + invitation to insurgency (and) violence but that everywhere and every time we have says: + the fraud we will resist + "On

Monday, Mr. Kamto claimed to have" marked the penalty "of the victory in Sunday's election, without however brandishing a single figure.

In the aftermath, the authorities said that Mr. Kamto was "outlaw" by such statements, the Constitutional Council is the only body empowered to proclaim results in Cameroon, no later than 15 days after the vote.

Mr. Kamto was one of seven candidates opposed to the favorite Paul Biya, 85, of whom nearly 36 in power, who was seeking a seventh consecutive term.

Source: AFP