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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Rejection of Kamto's appeal: Dieudonné Essomba explains himself

The verdict of the hearing on electoral disputes of the Constitutional Council did not surprise the Cameroonians. They all expect that candidates will not win their various appeals to the Council. The opposite would have surprised them. And Dieudonne Essomba understood the game and found Kamto's strategy amusing.

The whole post of Dieudonné Essomba

Currently, the Cameroonian bureaucratic elites, from North to South, from East to West, are waiting impatiently for the fruit of their support for Biya, each according to what he brought to him in his locality.

Each calculates its probabilities of being maintained or being called to the Government.

Their concern is simple: a quick cabinet reshuffle rewarding the most loyal, followed by appointments in other lucrative positions.

In short, the advantages that allow them to live in luxury!

And far from the chatter before the Constitutional Court, everyone mobilizes his friends, consults his magician, organizes Masses of Thanksgiving!

KAMTO is not aware of the annoyance he arouses to this impatient and anxious elite!

His lawyers mention shortcomings that may be well-founded, but the elites find them absolutely minor and, moreover, everyone fears that a decision of the Constitutional Court will degrade the results he has obtained in his locality and which constitutes a powerful argument to have a good job!

In reality, the KAMTO game has stopped being fun!