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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Re-election: this is the probable date of swearing in Paul Biya

What could be understood as a sign of the times and especially be a pleasant surprise for the militants of the Rdpc who can then celebrate this victory with great pomp.

The proclamation of the results of the presidential election of October 7, 2018 took place yesterday, the candidate Paul Biya whose re-election was no more than an open secret, was indeed re-elected.

In view of the provisions of the law, the new president can then take an oath on November 6th. Another November 06, which, as we know, remains and remains an important date for President Paul Biya, who is known to have presented himself for the first time in the National Assembly for such an exercise.

If for some Cameroonians, people watched on their small screen a feature film entitled "Inadmissible by Clément Atangana" by the rest very much followed by the entire population as indicated by Olivier Tietsap on his Facebook wall, the presidential election of October 07, 2018 which was neither partially canceled nor totally canceled as demanded by some candidates, was finally proclaimed on October 22, 2018. This proclamation made Paul Biya the new President of the Republic for the seven (07 ) years after all the appeals filed were dismissed.

The electoral process will be finalized with the swearing-in ceremony. From that moment, the elected president will take office. This ceremony could therefore be located on November 6th if one refers to the fact that a maximum period of fifteen days is granted from the proclamation of results by the Constitutional Council as provided for in the electoral code.

A small count shows that the date planned for this ceremony of oath would coincide with November 6 which is an unforgettable landmark for the one who set up the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian people (Rdpc). Will he then decide to celebrate his victory doubly or allow himself to stagger his oath to allow the militants of his party to savor this other victory? We are waiting to see.

Source: Free Africa No.