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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Re-election of Paul Biya: Kamto counter-attacks and publishes his figures

A few hours after the official announcement of the results of the October 7 ballot giving Paul Biya winner, Maurice Kamto addressing the Cameroonians in a video also released his figures.

By denouncing what he calls a mock election with several irregularities and attacking the work of the Constitutional Council, the leader of the MRC, presents his figures that gives him the winner.

According to the figures presented by the MRC, Kamto is first with 39.74% followed by Paul Biya 38.47% and third Cabral Libii 10.51%.

For now, the man has not announced how he intends to justify his figures and claim what he says it was stolen.

In the CPDM camp, we are savoring the victory for the moment and we are preparing for the President to take the oath to begin his term of 7 years at 86 years.

It should be noted that Cbral Libii and his Universe party already recognize the victory of Paul Biya. Cabral Libii also announced on the BBC that he did not exclude a collaboration with Paul Biya.

Below are his figures: