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Monday, October 22, 2018

Re-election of Paul Biya: Jean Nkuété rejoices and calls for calm

It's official, Paul Biya is re-elected President of Cameroon for a new term of 7 years. The reactions did not take long after the announcement of the results by Clement Atangana, president of the Constitutional Council.

The Secretary-General of CPDM, party in power, Jean Nkuété did not hide his satisfaction at the end of the session.Among other things, he put this victory to the credit of the mobilization of all the forces for a good conduct of the ballot. He then called on the Cameroonian people to calm down.

At 85, Paul Biya is re-elected in front of 08 other candidates without having really beaten campaign.

In second place is the candidate of the 'Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon' (MRC) Maurice Kamto who had proclaimed himself the winner just after the election.

Since the last weekend, the various big cities of the country were cordoned off by the police and defenses. Some leaders like Maurice Kanto are banned from leaving the national territory. The latter, after the rejection of his appeals by the Constitutional Council, promised to seize the international bodies.