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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Re-election of Paul Biya: I have absolutely nothing to fuck - Cabral Libii

Unsurprisingly, incumbent President Paul Biya was re-elected to a seventh term in a row, with a score of over 70%, according to figures circulating that are attributed to the National Commission votes census

But thing is clear, Cabral Libii candidate of the party Universe for the poll of October 7 would have won the challenge of mobilization,

"I am happy for this renewed enthusiasm;participation, involvement of the masses for the political thing. I salute the commitment That they (members of the Constitutional Council, Editor's note) give me 2%, 1% or classify me even last, I have absolutely nothing to lightning, "said the young lawyer last Friday on Radio Balafon, as part of the 'Sacred Morning' show.

On the other hand, Cabral Libii is already projecting towards the coming deadlines (legislative and municipal). He firmly believes that another Cameroon is possible with the commitment of a young citizen.

The officialization of the figures by the Constitutional Council is expected for Monday, October 22. The National Commission General Census of votes has closed its report since Saturday, October 13, 2018.

The first figures would largely win Paul Biya with a score of 71.28%. Cabral Libii meanwhile will be in third position with a score of 6.28%