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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Re-election of Paul Biya: happy, Amougou Belinga increases the salary of its employees

The re-election of Paul Biya for a seventh consecutive term at the head of the country had a direct consequence on the salary scale of the staff of the press group Anecdote.

Indeed, Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga, CEO of the Anecdote press group, visibly very happy after the re-election of his "champion" has decided to increase by 10% the salary of its employees, learn from Bruno Bidjang, a reporter for Vision 4 television.

"The CEO of the Anecdote Group offers 25 million Fcfa to its staff and a 10% salary increase," the journalist wrote on his Facebook account, 2 hours after the announcement of Paul Biya's victory by the council , constitutional. Bruno Bidjang, however, did not mention the reasons for this special measure. But in all likelihood, this sudden increase in salary would follow the re-election of Paul Biya.

Recall that Vision 4 television is an entity of the press group Anecdote very close to the regime in place. His journalists, like Ernest, also General Manager of the same chain, during the election campaign had very tough positions against Maurice Kamto who presented himself as a serious challenger of President Biya.