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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Re-election of Biya: What are Maurice Kamto and Cabral Libii preparing for?

The protests did not stop after the post-electoral dispute. On the contrary, they tend to increase since the official proclamation of results by the Constitutional Council just 24 hours ago. Complaints coming from Paul Biya's dolphins given winner with 71.28% of votes.

The sharpest critics are to put to the credit of the candidate of the MRC. Maurice Kamto came 2nd in the election with 14.23% of the vote. A score that the former minister challenges. He continues to claim victory, not without denouncing the irregularities that have enamelled the election.

"We can not proclaim Paul Biya winner of this election ... We reject these results manufactured ... The people of Cameroon has chosen his humble person," he said in substance in a video broadcast on the internet. Maurice Kamto is ready to defend his "victory by all means of law".

What does the MRC candidate refer to when he talks about "legal means"? Hard to know exactly. The answer is all the more complicated because the law does not provide for any appeal after the proclamation of the results by the Constitutional Council. Article 136 of the Electoral Code stipulates that "decisions of the Constitutional Council on electoral operations, election results and candidatures are not subject to any appeal".

Equally acerbic, Cabral Libii, 3rd in the presidential race with a score of 6.26% qualifies these results as "forfeit". The candidate invested by UNIVERS maintains that "it is the opposition who won this election", even if he admits he can not prove it. Still, he is indignant at the journalist, "the outgoing President has decided to hang on to the cost at any cost.This act of ultimate malignity vis-à-vis the Cameroonian people will not go unpunished before the court of history, "Storm the latter.

Like Maurice Kamto, Cabral Libii promises to take action, without being more precise."All details on our short, medium and long-term projects will be provided during the press conference, held at the headquarters of our headquarters on Wednesday, October 24, 2018. On this occasion, our official position on the results proclaimed by the Constitutional Court will be made public, "announces the unfortunate candidate.