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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Re-election of Biya: a revolution is preparing in the CPDM

"Take destiny into your own hands and turn the tide," and that's it! The words thus released are those of the populations of the district of Diang in their majority and precisely in the youth, considered by the head of state as "the spearhead of the nation".

Probably inspired by this slogan of the President of the Republic, the youth of Diang wants to move the lines next year in local elections. Young people want to empower worthy and responsible representatives who can speak on their behalf and bring lasting solutions to their problems.

To achieve this goal, they are now preparing a strong coalition to raise the obstacles that obstruct their path. "We intend to permanently get rid of those people who do not like us," say the residents met downtown in the late morning of October 22, 2018, date of the official proclamation of the results of the last presidential election.

"Here in Diang, we have always been able to show loyalty and fidelity to the Man of Renewal. We also respect its ideals and republican institutions. In contrast, we have no return to the elevator of this relationship of love with Paul Biya. We know that the problem does not come from him but curiously from our elders.They have succeeded each other in different positions of responsibility through the ballot box but they have always disappointed! ", Denounces a resident of Bingomo district in Diang.

As a first exercise, the young people of Diang promise to tighten themselves more than ever in the ranks of the Democratic People's Rally of Cameroon (CPDM), and then block around a coalition through which, they intend to appoint their representatives around a list which will be unanimous.

"We do not pretend to want to exclude our parents, our seniors from the system. We simply want stigma to stop and we also integrate decision-making spheres, "said Messankalang Patrick.

"For many years, Diang's youth has always been discarded from the decision-making system, and we want to see the frustrations we are victims of as early as 2019 come to an end. We will deal with our elders but we will not accept that we are forced to adopt people who do not owe us anything, "says the philosophy teacher also headmaster of Diang High School.

"Here, we are eternally child, called to make the commissions at the meetings, we always remained behind and our elders we always infantilized to assume the supporting roles. All these last years, we accepted by respect according to our traditional values ​​which impose us the submission in front of the adults ", sinks another partisan of this revolution.

Georges Nyazang, a strong RDPC activist, believes that in Diang, one is an adult from 60 years old. "While we were in the election campaign recently to mobilize our people to elect the candidate of the torch party for this new septennat, some people have muzzled us by forbidding us to speak in public because at 48, we still learn and we is very young, so we have to be quiet, "he recalls, looking frustrated.

To definitively break the Indian sign, they want to take their destiny definitively because the provision does not give itself, it breaks out. "In 2019, we will propose two homogeneous lists unanimously of the forces present to seek a seat in the National Assembly and another in the City Council. We are working on it and we are not afraid to say to anyone who wants to hear that our commitment is non-negotiable because the development of Diang must finally take off, "says Dr. Mbele Abanda.

This elite of the diaspora is back to square one for a few months. An early supporter of Paul Biya's party, he had left the CPDM at some point because of frustrations and disappointments. It is even remembered that he had created a political party to compete with the torch party in Diang.Back to better feelings after being reconciled with his brothers and sisters in the village, he dissolved his party and is now committed to supporting the ideals of the CPDM national president.

"The activism in Paul Biya's party is not only in speeches. It is through concrete acts to change the living conditions of our people. I will now want to put my experience to the service of others. For this, I am in full consultation with my brothers and sisters to seek the next term at the head of the mayor of Diang, "he said, indignant at the negative balance of the current mayor of the town of Diang.

Dr Mbélé Abanda comes to visit all the villages of the district of Diang in order to gather all the opinions of the ones and the others with regard to his project for the town hall of Diang. He will certainly find him dinosaurs, political elephants who have made their way but whose youth does not want to hear about it.

"These people are not elected officials who received our anointing at the polls.The central committee of the CPDM imposed them on us and the proof that they do not have an account to give us is that they did not do anything for us. A few months from the end of their mandates, the balance sheet is largely negative like the men who lead us, "Belinga Evouna spits.

The young farmer from Andom village did not forget the negotiations that resulted in the appointment of the current mayor of Diang commune and MP Tak Bienvenu in 2013 to the central committee. "They impose them on us through the investitures and if we are plunged back into the sad memories that Diang gets bogged down in poverty and misery in 2019, we will vote the opposition to Diang".

His opinion is widely shared by all local people who reject the block of legitimacy of local elected officials who will soon be said here. That is to say that the next elections are going to be intense and widely open given the current context.