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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Re-election of Biya: Maurice Kamto to lift Bafoussam

The repression on Friday 26 October in Douala, the peaceful march organized by the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (Mrc) to contest the "electoral hold-up", was obviously not enough to to annihilate the protesting desires of the militants of this political party. On November 4th, they intend to return to the charge; but this time to storm the streets of the city of Bafoussam to scream their rude. According to the request for public demonstration addressed to the sub-prefect of the Bafoussam district by Christophe Kamdem, this march that Mrc wants peaceful "to fight against electoral fraud following the 2018 presidential election", should start from Rural town hall to end at the crossroads Madelon passing through the markets Casablanca, A and B.

Pending the continuation that will be reserved at the request of the party of Pr. Kamto by the administrative authority, this march is announced very popular for several reasons. First, activists from the Department of MiFi, could join those of neighboring cities. Secondly, after the October 7 presidential election, the Mifi proved to be the largest bastion of the Mrc in Cameroon. It is indeed the only department of the country, where the candidate of this political party had more than 60% of the votes cast, or more than half of the votes granted to the candidate of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (Rdpc). Even more, the birthplace of Maurice Kamto, Bafoussam is in a state of dilapidation that irritates its inhabitants. Under wraps, many say they wait only the slightest flaw to fumble their ill-being.