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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Re-election of Biya: Cabral presents his PV and threatens the police

Cabral Libii spoke via his Facebook page, "Cabral Libii officiel" on the October 7th ballot. Roof saying he is the elected heart of Cameroonian, the candidate is cautious saying that he has obvious evidence.

"As long as I can not demonstrate it, I can not declare that I won the presidential election", "We will now go from victory to victory "After 36 years, those who have just been elected have plunged Cameroon into the situation we know" and "their arrogance is based only on their forfeiture". Dixit Cabral Libii.

The man pronounced on several subjects.Of the election of Paul Biya that he describes as a real masquerade to the union of the opposition. San also forget the campaign of resistance of Maurice Kamto, candidate who arrived second after the ballot. He has sent a strong message to the police, to whom they ask to do their job well.

The entire message below: