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Monday, October 29, 2018

Re-election of Biya: Bishop Kleda in the line of fire of an NGO

She continues to make waves. The exit of Mgr Kleda, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Douala and President of the Episcopal Conference of Cameroon after the publication of the results of the presidential election by the Constitutional Council. The prelate had reservations about the socio-political future of Cameroon. "This election led me to questions. If I take the case of the Far North, say that these people who suffer almost every year voted 89% for those who currently run, it poses me a problem! I also look at the English-speaking area where the percentages in favor of the party in power are very high. At the time we were not able to campaign in these two regions, where do these percentages come from? It means that all the problems that we wanted to solve before the election will be there and will not find solutions, "he wondered.

The Metropolitan Archbishop of Douala also said that the large deployment of the army reflected a malaise that the power in place should look. While considering that the dissatisfaction of the unfortunate candidate, Maurice Kamto, should be taken into account. And finally, he advocated a consensual revision of the Electoral Code before the 2019 legislative and municipal elections, as well as the full implementation of decentralization. Remarks that the Observatory of Social Development (ODS) describes as unpatriotic and calls on the Cameroonian people to preserve peace and republican institutions, to respect the verdict of the polls reflecting the will of the Cameroonian people. The ODS also calls on all actors to stop dangerous and unlawful actions and to work for peace, national unity and living together in Cameroon.

This NGO regrets that unfortunate candidates in the last presidential election, whose results were made public by the Constitutional Council on October 22, 2018 with the victory of the candidate Paul Biya to 71, 28% of the vote, and other actors like Bishop Kleda continue to convey messages of hate and call to the uprising spread in the media and social networks with the aim of discrediting the democratic process in Cameroon which remains perfectible.

Source: ESSENTIAL N ° 212