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Monday, October 1, 2018

RDPC meeting: Niat Njifenji's son replaces him in Bangangté while still hospitalized

One the father, the other the son. Same smile, same gestures, same temperament.It looks like Marcel Niat in his tender youth. Eric Niat has inflamed the militants of the Rdpc. He put a real show! The father is alive and well, he is coming! The owls of ominous are depleted.

As soon as he got out of the vehicle that transported him, it was difficult for him to mark a single step. His feet did not touch the ground any more. Embroiled in the crowd of women who waved the tree of peace chanting. They resumed at the top of their voices and in unison, a song inspired by the popular wisdom Medumba (national language spoken in the Nde), "Eric Niat, our umbrella. Eric Niat, your umbrella protects us. Eric Niat, your umbrella reassures us. Either way, the euphoria has taken hold of the corner.Speaking in his turn, he dropped the ostentation and went to serious things."The only star must be President Paul Biya.The slogan the strength of the experience, sticks like gloves to the fingers. It's our compass.

It is for him that our hearts must beat. He loves us disproportionately, let's return the elevator. Thank you for coming spontaneously to welcome me here in Manja, political stronghold of the President of the Senate. Until the overwhelming victory in the evening of October 7, a historic day, our eyes must remain focused on Dad Paul Biya, the sage who gave us everything, "he said to the nearly 900 people mobilized. "Eric Niat was absent at the launch of the campaign in Bangangté because of a case worthy of interest. It was fashionable that we give him a dignified and elegant welcome, "said Ms. Tchalon Pauline, activist of the Rdpc.

Speech Festival

Highly applauded after his introductory remarks, Eric Niat then slipped between the militants to brandish a butterfly, the white bulletin, stamped Rdpc and where the photo of Paul Biya is flocked. "This is what you will put in the ballot box. It's white, so there's no confusion. I'm waiting for 100%. I do not tell you more, "this statement from the deputy mayor of Bangangté seemed not to go into the ears of the deaf. They set each other's foundations for trust. But a question was brewing in the minds of the faithful of the Party of Torches and Populations. The state of health of Marcel Niat Njifenji. "He is doing very well, I would say more than a charm," confirmed Eric Niat, a reliable source that finally puts an end to the delusions of social networks.

Before, Leonard Niat, President of the campaign in the sector of Manja and Tchatchoua Nya Magloire, part of the Rdpc Ndé-north, took the audience breathless , talking about the stakes of the election and the attitudes to adopt until October 7.They reiterated the door-to-door approach, whose conductor is Minister Jean Claude Mbwentchou, not to respond to the multiple attacks of competitors, to remain courageous and serene ... Eugénie Ngatchou, wife Tchoumba, counselor in the office Ofrdpc National, Dr. Serge Djampou, Departmental delegate of Secondary Education Nde, Ludovic Kejupia, Nde elite, Mr. Watat, Headmaster of the Bangangté Classical High School and many other party leaders were present.

The second home of the Senate Speaker was stormed on September 27, 2018 by almost unrestrained populations. They came to the source to reaffirm their love for the legend, Marcel Niat who lives and on whom, "the Ndé bases his hope".