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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Rally of Nintcheu in Kamto: posturing in the CPDM

The deputy Jean-Michel Nintcheu of the SDF on Wednesday gave Maurice Kamto support that promises to be a serious problem for the hawks of the regime of the outgoing president in case of non-compliance with the verdict of the polls and therefore popular uprising. While senior army officials announce the recruitment of Chadian mercenaries to strengthen the camp of repression, and take offense.

It was in a brief statement that opposition leader Jean-Michel Nitcheu, one of the leading leaders of the main opposition party, the SDF, supported the candidate Maurice Kamto presumed winner of the presidential election. According to the Wouri East MP, Kamto's announcement of his victory less than 24 hours after Sunday's election is strategic and aims to take the international national opinion to witness.

According to many observers, Jean-Michel Nitcheu was the head of the SDF who would have been likely to pose a threat to incumbent presidential candidate Paul Biya. But John Fru Ndi's party, which only has a social-democrat name, preferred a young man who had the advantage of being wealthy and lavished his largesse on the leader of the party. Today, after leading the campaign of the candidate invested by his party, the president of the regional district SDF du Littoral has decided to provide formal support to the candidate Maurice Kamto, presumed winner of the election on 7 October.

Known for his ostentatiously fierce opposition to the Biya regime, since he has never been demoralized or changed since the 1990s when he was at the head of the party called Rassemblement for the Fatherland (RAP) until the merger of this party with the SDF that some have long believed to be truly rooted in the camp of change, the fiery MP Jean-Michel Nitcheu rallies Maurice Kamto at a time when the hawks of the The outgoing regime is a threat to the repression of the RCM-led coalition candidate and his supporters, as well as all those who have somehow taken a stand for him.

The presence alongside Maurice Kamto of this outstanding mobilizer that resonates like a scathing denial of his fellow SDF candidate who has recently discovered a legalist soul because of the provisional results of the last election that dishonor, is also a sign that the regime will have a hard time succeeding a passage in force, even with the support of the army that has just received in its ranks many Chadian soldiers - a priori more insensitive to the problems of Cameroonians - to quell a possible popular uprising to enforce the verdict of the ballot boxes. This news, it must be said, irritates a good part of the army, especially senior officers, who feel despised.

Below is the statement of the Hon. Nintcheu Jean Michel of the SDF

"Prof. Maurice Kamto declared himself the winner of the presidential elections of October 7 in view of the results or trends at his disposal.Basically I believe that Professor Kamto is right to to adopt this offensive posture in this context of dictatorship in which all the institutions of the electoral process are in the pay of the candidate Biya, who besides has appointed their own comrades of the party to their heads Biya is, so to speak, judge and party! will have no qualms about validating the false results that the rdpc activists are currently making to turn the tide and assure the "victory" of their champion.Kamto's

approach is strategic because it takes witness national and international opinion that must anticipate a possible post-election crisis (prevention is better than cure), but above all it puts pressure on the dictatorial regime of Yaounde who is in an incredible fever since the exit of the candidate of the MRC. Those who reproach him for the alleged disregard for the law on the pretext that he wisely waited for the proclamation of the results by the Constitutional Council are either RDPC theurgicists or people of good faith, but disarmingly naive! It is indeed illusory to hope that an 85-year-old dictator can organize elections to democratically accept losing them!

I agree with Pastor Martin Luther King Jr who said that every citizen has the right and even the moral obligation to disobey unfair laws! The only service that Mr. Biya gives to the Cameroonian people is to take a well-deserved retirement. " Honorable Nintcheu Jean Michel