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Friday, October 12, 2018

Presidential: Three candidates demand for the cancellation of elections

Presidential candidates Joshua Osih, Maurice Kamto and Cabral Libii have through petitions to the Constitutional Council asked for Sunday October 7 elections to be scrapped.

A total of 18 petitions have been filed to the constitutional council, with the last three by Joshua Oshi of the SDF, Maurice Kamto of CRM and Cabral Libii of the “Party Universe”.

These three presidential candidates have advanced reasons for their petitions on what they call a gross violation of Cameroon’s electoral code.

Maurice Kamto of the Cameroon’s Renaissance Movement has filed in a six page petition addressed to the Constitutional Council asking for the partial cancellation of the elections in seven out of the ten regions of the country.

He said, elections managing body of Cameroon ELECAM failed to withdraw the ballot papers of candidate Akere Muna in polling stations all over the country despite the fact that he pulled out from the presidential race.

CRM officials also sighted Section 91 of the electoral code, to denounce what they called discriminatory and anarchical manner in which campaigns were conducted with the incumbent President’s posters displayed almost everywhere.

Unlike Mr. Kamto who demands for a partial cancellation of the elections, Joshua Osih of SDF and Cabral Libii of Universe are calling for a total cancellation of the elections.

Both candidates’ accusations consist of the irregularities of voting in the Diaspora and within the country.

They also stressed on the harassment and discriminations their representatives in polling stations were subjected to.

Osih and Libii levied another acussation on Elecam for their ballot papers being absent in polling stations as well as the printing of fake voters card on voting day.

They did not leave out the voting situations like the relocation of polling stations which is against the law, in the North and South West regions of the country.

These three petitions brought the total number of petitions to 18 and it the role of the constitutional council to rule on them before the proclamation of the final results due for 11 days.