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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Presidential success: Beti Assomo in the limelight

Breaking with a narrow vision that has often moved some Mindef away from political activities, Joseph Beti Assomo in a republican osmosis has reconciled his obligations "military" to his militant duty, much to the chagrin of his ex-denunciates, however, originating from Nyong and Foumou , sponsors of fake unsightly reports...

Joseph Assi Assomo is on all fronts, first in the accomplishment brilliantly of his missions at the head of the Cameroonian armed forces who have found another state of mind since his appointment to their heads and in an essentially political investment that consists in mobilizing the populations of the department of Nyong and Mfoumou behind Paul Biya.

The nyong and mfoumou plebiscite Paul biya: the winning mobilization of joseph beti assomo The department of origin of the minister delegate to the presidency in charge of the Defense (Mindef) is among the departments of Cameroon which largely voted in favor of Paul Biya. An inflexible loyalty that many observers put to the account of this discreet man who demonstrates its proximity to the people of Nyong and Mfoumou department and his native district of Ayos. The criticism that one might make against some of the political elites is the distance they create with their populations, once they reach the top. This is not the case for Joseph Assoc assomo who, since he was prefect and governor, remained attached to the populations of his Nyong and Mfoumou natal.

These are indeed exempt from the formal rigorism attached to certain functions.Thus, it is relatively easy for the nationals of Nyong and Mfoumou to meet personally or to send complaints to the Minister who does not fail to meet them. The minister delegate to the presidency in charge of the defense has resolved, since his entry in the government, to reconcile all the large and abundant elite of Nyong and Mfoumou who suffered from the divisions because of the egoism exacerbated of some heads which made the promotion of individualism.

The minister delegate to the presidency in charge of Defense has just seen his efforts to mobilize people of the department behind Paul Biya successful with the presence of Nyong and Mfoumou in the top trio of the Central Region Departments most loyal to Paul Biya. How could the department, which has many high-ranking sons like the first barbouze in the country, not be grateful to his adopted son with whom he has an eternal bond of blood? This symbiosis between Beti Assomo and the populations allows Paul Biya to sleep in peace, because he could not suffer from any political adversity in the Nyong and Mfoumou departments.

Mindef is reaping further benefits from the success of the presidential election, through its unswerving security by all factions of the defense forces who have shown calm in the face of the provocations of certain "politicos" who are clearly at bay and unfounded accusations that aimed at them.

While certain fiefs of Paul Biya turned their backs to him by yielding to the sirens of the political dilatory and the hate, the department of Nyong and Mfoumou remains faithful to the institutions and to the one which incarnates them since 1982. A fidelity which does not suffer from political calculations and that should keep its expression in the upcoming parliamentary and municipal elections.

Source: The Express N ° 041