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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Presidential Election: the threats hanging over the results

For many and they had already warned.This 2018 presidential election could only have one outcome: the defeat of Paul Biya.His victory will automatically be attributed to the fraud. We will not have waited a long time to have a clear heart. A winning penalty was shot by a candidate. 

Announced and trumpeted even throughout the campaign, the scenario has gradually materialized until the self proclaimed victory of Monday afternoon.Less than 24 hours after the closing of the polls and the end of the counting process.In the past, activists, activists of all stripes and others had already been heated to white, instrumentalized to go down in the street until the total abdication in case of victory of Paul Biya. But the greed, the obsession with access to the supreme magistracy has lost all measure, all restraint to a candidate who succeeds at the same time, the feat of indignant his own supporters.

Funny conception of democracy in which only one result is accepted: his own victory. Like what, the bad ones, the fraudsters, the dishonest ones, it is always the others, the camp of opposite. The ridiculous and pitiful thing about all this is when you are a world-class lawyer and law professor, flouting the law is incomprehensible. It is therefore no surprise that we are witnessing this bad film shot by the Cameroonian opposition today.

Fortunately, most of this opposition has been energetically indignant at this posture of the self-proclaimed candidate.The law is clear and simple. Only the Constitutional Council proclaims the results. It has a 15-day margin to do it. The wisdom of our country says that "one does not fatten one's chicken on the day of the market", trivially still it is said that "the race of children is the morning" and among others, "who wants to go far, take care of his mount ".

Without having understood and applied it, some bite their fingers and want to make a transition in strength. From where all these pernicious and fallacious practices, worthy of the great mafia: one announces the victory before the election at first, one publishes his government including his opponents to the ballot without their consent, the ministers in office, the prisoners without their approval, political exiles lacking notoriety, mentally retarded.In short a motley melting pot, a team can not hold the road. All these maneuvers denote a complete lack of political honesty, responsibility, fair play and patriotism. The wolves are in the sheepfold.

Fortunately ...

Cameroonians, in their vast majority are far from being fooled by all these manipulations, supported elsewhere from outside. They do not intend to be carried away in this slush. As brave patriots and good legalists, they expect the real verdict of the polls as codified by the laws of their country. They are nonetheless vigilant and do not intend to watch as observers the planned destruction of their country by some bad losers. They are ready to assume the truth of the polls. They yearn for peace, national unity and living together.

That's why a lot of bad companies are doomed to fail. They make it clear, "they will not let anything pass that could bring disorder in this country". In this zone of turbulence, therefore, the ball is in the camp of the Constitutional Council. The speed with which the results are proclaimed could help put things back in their place and avoid other gross slippages.

What is certain is that the day of the results, the tears will flow: of joy for some, of pain and disappointment for others.This is the implacable law of democracy.You have to know how to be a good player and respect the verdict of some. Quality that does not seem for now, the thing best shared by all candidates.

Source: Signature No 0099