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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Presidential election results: the risks of clashes intensify

The initiator of the movement claims to have had information that the country could experience violence due to the refusal of losing candidates to recognize the victory of whoever will be in charge of running the country for the next seven years.

According to one of our sources, there are hundreds of young Cameroonians who have made the commitment to fight against any form of post-election violence.They met in the capital last Thursday. Nga St├ęphane Geordane II, initiator of the Citizen Watch Committee, said he received alarming information planning the destabilization of Cameroon.

"We have seen documents that Cameroonian politicians send to the United Nations to destroy our country and those returned by the UN to Cameroon.SMS messages were sent to the ambassadors to ask them to get involved in the macabre plan, "he says.

For the initiator of the Citizen Watch Committee, it is therefore necessary to "block the way" to post-election violence.And for that the Committee plans to mobilize thousands of young people in several metropolises of the country. Other information made public by these young people, many Cameroonians in the diaspora would also have been involved in the preparation of the riots announced.

"They meet in Western countries. The goal is to involve the international community to destabilize Cameroon, "says the initiator of the Citizen Watch Committee.

However, there are people who think that this rumor of insurrection planned by people lurking in the shadows is only intended to destabilize the opposition.

For them it is hyperbole that civil society does. Recall that the presidential election took place yesterday on the entire national territory. Party to be nine political parties, finally they were only eight after the withdrawal of Akere Muna invested by the Popular Front for the development.