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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Presidential election in Cameroon: electoral obscure persists

The results of the presidential elections are not yet published, but authorized voices are raised to demand their cancellation. These are the three main candidates who have seized the Constitutional Council arguing "fraud and irregularities" in the election.

What will happen to the presidential election that has just taken place in Cameroon, especially on October 7th?While the security conditions or at least the security pressure was strong enough in the English-speaking areas and in the far north for the ballot to be held in satisfactory conditions, that the "? "Fired by the candidate Maurice Kamto proclaiming his victory has disoriented more than one, here are false observers claiming Transparency International have manifested themselves, raising the spirits in the minds when it is difficult to distinguish what falls within the political maneuver, the lie, the manipulation or just the truth.

Survey requested on so-called observers of Transparency International

This latest episode, which is controversial as to the veracity or non-compliance of Transparency International's observer status, is symptomatic of an atmosphere and practices that could undermine the sincerity of the ballot. This is the reason why Maurice Kamto of the MRC asked Wednesday for an investigation on "fake?Electoral observers presented by the state media as commissioned by Transparency International, which the NGO denied. "A public inquiry must be opened as soon as possible to find out who these false representatives of Transparency International are, who brought them?Yaoundé told Olivier Bibou Nissack, a spokesman for Maurice Kamto, in Yaounde. It must be said that what happened Monday night is not ordinary.

A complaint filed against the public channel, CRTV

That day, state television, CRTV, broadcast an alleged press conference of alleged election observers presented as employees of the NGO Transparency International who welcomed the good holding of the poll. "The vote counting process in Cameroon is a real lesson in democracy? ", Said one of the six people presented by state television as observers commissioned by the NGO. But on Tuesday, Transparency International denied in a press release that it sent an observation mission, saying "? Unacceptable? The usurpation of title of which it was the object.

These alleged observers said Tuesday on social networks have been invited by the body "Cameroon Press Agency? Which was unreachable Wednesday for a comment. For clarification: the Twitter account "? Cameroon Press Agency? Was launched in July 2018, as was its website.This in itself is not surprising since upstream of the presidential campaign, many accounts on social networks and websites were created by different political actors.

In any event, Maurice Kamto's spokesman said on Wednesday that a complaint would be filed against CRTV, and said the alleged observers "... were there to endorse frauds? ". He also denounced the attacks on Mr. Kamto and said that "nowhere has there been any invitation to insurgency (and) violence, but that everywhere and every time we We said: "Fraud, we will resist it. Should it be recalled: Monday, Mr Kamto claimed to have "scored the penalty? Of the victory in Sunday's election, without however brandishing a single figure. In the process, the authorities indicated that Mr. Kamto was "outlawing". By such declarations, the Constitutional Council being the only body authorized to proclaim the results in Cameroon, at the latest 15 days after the vote.

An application for annulment of the ballot submitted to the Constitutional Council

Not expecting the official proclamation to be made, the three main candidates and competitors of Paul Biya in the presidential election on Thursday seized the Constitutional Council to cancel part or all of the poll Sunday, for "fraud and irregularities? ", Noted an AFP journalist.Thus, Maurice Kamto, who had claimed his victory the day after the election, has submitted to the Constitutional Council a "request for partial annulment of electoral operations? ".

Joshua Osih, candidate of the main opposition party, the Social Democratic Front (SDF), and Cabral Libii, 38, the youngest candidate, very popular with of youth, also brought actions for the total annulment of the vote. These petitions were posted to the Constitutional Council, whose members are close to the outgoing President Paul Biya, 85, in power since 1982, who was running for the 7th consecutive term. The Council must consider these motions and give its verdict before proclaiming the result of the ballot, at most two weeks after the election.

What is criticized on the ballot

What justifies this request for cancellation?

For Maurice Kamto, who seeks the annulment of the vote in seven of the ten regions of the country, it is due to "multiple irregularities, significant cases of fraud and cases of violation of the law? ". It is seeking annulment in the English-speaking regions of the North West and South West, which have been in the grip of a year-long armed conflict between separatists and the armed forces, which has made it impossible to comply with the rules of organization. the presidential election? ".

For Joshua Osih, the poll was "enamelled by a string of irregularities that (...) durably compromise the sincerity of the result? ".In his petition, he also points out that "it was impossible? That the vote takes place in English-speaking areas, denouncing "the impotence of the administration? To ensure safety. In the English-speaking areas indeed, very few people went to the polls Sunday, had found journalists of the AFP.

The participation rate would be below 5%, according to the International Crisis Group (ICG). Finally, for Cabral Libii, "the presidential election has been characterized by numerous frauds and irregularities? ". This election was neither free nor credible, nor democratic, nor transparent? He wrote in his request.Fifteen other appeals were lodged by two other opponents, non-presidential candidates. So many signs that cause uncertainty about the future. This presidential election has not finished us surprises.