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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Presidential election: CPDM executives now in the hot seat

The father of the granite base, a creature of the creator, faithful of the faithful, confirmed his commitment alongside the natural candidate of the democratic gathering of the Cameroonian people (Rdpc).

An election campaign conducted from start to finish, he was of all appointments giving visibility for the ardent support of Paul Biya. He is the regional permanent delegate of the central committee of the Rdpc in the region, national secretary for communication, he had to wet the jersey.Like other citizens registered on the electoral lists, he went to fulfill his civic duty at the polling station in his village in Nkolandom where his name appeared.

Beyond the voting instructions during the election campaign with a plebiscite for the candidate of the Rdpc, he attached much price to that. In a 266 registered polling station, was completed a Soviet plebiscite for the candidate of the Rdpc.


Coaching was followed from start to finish and no downtime was noted. The regional permanent delegate invested himself in achieving this result in his own village in Nkolandom. A 100% that reassures commitment for Paul Biya, a convert who has been on all terrains to preach support for the granite basement. A situation that was not the same on all spheres in the South region with the other pundits who bit the dust on their own stadiums.

Having become unpopular, they have become a minority and the reality is that they have not been able to make a 100%, sanctioned because of multiple broken promises. Eventually, everyone will be rewarded according to his contribution to the success of Paul Biya. Even in the Bible, it is said that the worker deserves his salary. And the next political deadlines are bitter.