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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Presidential election: Cabral Libii's party declares war on Maurice Kamto

Beyond the leadership, several opposition leaders have rebelled against the approach of the MRC candidate, Maurice Kamto, who claimed his victory after the presidential election of October 7. Among them, Professor Nkou Mvondo, whose party nominated Cabral Libii for this election.

Asked by our colleagues in Vision 4, the president of the UNIVERS party condemned the remarks of Maurice Kamto and recalled that only the Constitutional Council was qualified to declare the winner of the poll.

"I want to remind Professor Kamto that we are only at the beginning of the process and therefore the match is not over yet.(...) When we return to politics, we must not depart from what we are; I am a law teacher and I must remain legalistic until the end, "said Professor Nkou Mvondo.

And announce that his party intends to make a complaint to the Constitutional Council against this approach of Maurice Kamto as well as against certain irregularities found in several polling stations on polling day.

Before the president of the UNIVERS party, it was the SDF candidate Joshua Osih who had taken a stand against Maurice Kamto denouncing an "illegal and counterproductive" strategy for the entire opposition.

It is good wars that the various candidates try to appropriate the victory before the hour. But again, I think it's unfortunate because it risks jeopardizing our chances for real alternation, "said candidate Osih.

"According to the law, only the minutes of ELECAM are authentic. That's why we say we should remain legalistic, "he continued.