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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Presidential ballot: the good points of Joseph Beti Assomo

Satisfied for ELECAM, the institution in charge of the organization of elections in Cameroon who learned of its past difficulties, and was unanimously appreciated by all, after the organization of the presidential campaign that has just taken place in Cameroon. If the organization was perfect, we tend to hide the valuable contribution of the Defense Forces who took the bull by the horns to achieve the result we know.

The Defense Forces in Cameroon are a real part of the nation. This is the lesson that can be learned from the last presidential election that took place in Cameroon on October 7th. A decisive contribution, because it allowed the smooth running of the elections, the protection of the electorate wherever he found himself, even in the areas crisogenic; in short, the army ensured the smooth running of the entire electoral process. The professionalism with which this last mission was carried out is not the result of chance.

It is remembered that on August 14, the Minister Delegate to the Presidency in charge of Defense had gathered at his cabinet on high instructions from the Head of State, the authorities in charge of security, as well as the commanders large territorial units of the army and the gendarmerie. Central Chiefs of Staff had also attended this high-security mass at which Joseph Beti Assomo left nothing to chance by ensuring that the right answers were given to the various threats in their specificities. This strategic anticipation then evacuated, in turn, the probable difficulties, all of which made it possible to take the appropriate measures to ensure the progress of the whole process, before, during and after the elections.

To the comments and reports of the observers, particularly those of the African Union and the Community of Central African States, with some renowned NGOs, the report is to an organization never equaled in Cameroon, or even in Africa. However, not everything has started ideally, especially in the Northwest and South West, where the irredentists have taken the option of impeding the smooth running of the election by sending combatants to disturb the peace of the voters and by a climate of stress and fear.

The Defense Forces grid, their professionalism and their efficient actions made it possible to kill all the hints of attacks in the bud, to protect the traffic between the centers and the polling stations and to protect the people who were affected by them. various motives, the voters themselves, all under threats of assassination, kidnappings and multiple acts of violence.

Not only did people want to vote safely, but the army also used its land and air-to-air media to get election materials to the far corners of Cameroon. The elements also maintained a security around polling stations, dissolving quickly some skirmishes here and there, dispersing the tumultuous crowds with tact and efficiency.

Forces that have once again demonstrated that they are well integrated within the nation, and that they can also go beyond their traditional missions of defense of territorial integrity, to project themselves into the very life of the nation. the nation, as a leading actor of development. This success to add to others, is a snub to informers who have made it their permanent mission to treasure the honor of the Cameroonian Defense Forces, built under the strategic rule of President Paul Biya, Chief of the Armed Forces.

Reporter: Didier BALEBA