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Monday, October 15, 2018

Presidential ballot: ELECAM anchor diverts 1.1 million to the East

In a collective complaint, the representatives of the administration in the presidential election of October 7, claim their due. 

This Friday, October 12, 2018, the esplanade of the sub-prefecture of Ketté in the department of Kadey in the East, is stormed by officials of the administration of the locality who took part in the presidential election from October 7th.According to concordant sources, the authorities asked the demonstrators to go to the gendarmerie brigade so that light could be made around them.

The same sources also testify that the sub-prefect of the district of Ketté Alex Minyono has tried more than once unsuccessfully to contact the chief executive Elecam Borough Philippe Koeke by telephone. Gustave Amougou in his wrath suggests "we all know that the general direction of elections Cameroon gives money to their local dismemberment throughout the national territory.

Why this one (Philippe Koeké) wants to distract us our money! In the before, we received this money just after the elections the same day, after the counting.To follow the latter, the Elecam officials handed Ketté's share to Philippe Koeké, Elecam's head of the locality to disinterested parties in the evening of 07 October 2018.

According to the information received, the State gives each member the sum of 25,000 (twenty-five thousand) Francs CFA and Elections Cameroon gives the other twenty-five a thousand francs. In short, each member should receive the sum of 50,000 francs.

Indeed, the texts provide for the delivery of the minutes, the rights holders immediately took possession of their due.

What has happened so that from Sunday, October 7 until today, the representatives of the administration have still not received their money?

Relatives of Sieur Philippe Koeké, claim anonymously that Elecam chief of antenna Ketté district would certainly not be in the city. Will he sacrifice his professional career for crumbs of the presidential election?

In the collective complaint lodged with the Gendarmerie of the Ketté district, signed by forty four (44) members of the administration in the presidential election of October 7, 2018, the plaintiffs claiming the global sum of one million one hundred thousand (1,100,000) francs at the rate of fifty thousand (50,000) Frans per person.

A sit-in is scheduled next Monday if nothing is done. For the sub-prefect of the district of Ketté Alex Minyono, it is questioned that the head of antenna Elecam who is currently accused of embezzlement last public to answer the facts which are reproached to him by the representatives of the administration. For Bruno Akono, the Elecam anchor should normally be brought to court, as this style of behavior must be eradicated as long as it is early. We have already seized a judicial police officer ''. Did he declare.