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Friday, October 5, 2018


In an interview with AFP on Wednesday (October 3rd), Titus Edzoa finds that "the re-election of President Biya would be a catastrophe." The former secretary-general to the presidency of the Republic thinks that we can not speak of a Presidential election without a minimum of security.

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The re-election of Biya in the presidential Sunday seems acquired. What are the implications?

The re-election of President Biya would be a disaster. We are in the abyss, in all respects (...) but when you speak with those in power, they say that everything is fine. It is lightness (...) I find that this presidential election is bad (because) the situation currently in Cameroon does not authorize us to the extent that we have two regions (South-West and North-West anglophones) (...) facing a real civil war. I would have liked (...) that this vote be postponed and that the priority today is the establishment of peace throughout our country, in this case in the English-speaking area. We can not run a presidential election without a minimum of security. I dare to believe that the authorities will take action, but I think that it will be front-line measures because we are not sure that it is going well and then, there are many people who will not go vote (...) because they will be afraid to vote

Mr. Biya has been in power for almost 36 years, what is the secret of his longevity?

President Biya is talented because to stay 36 years that way and to represent yourself is talent. But I wish that this talent was put elsewhere for the emancipation and the evolution of the Cameroonians, (or) it is a talent put at the disposal of the conservation of the power. I lived in this system. He managed somehow to eliminate politically those who could harm him, he blows hot and cold, he calculates. It is a technique that has certainly succeeded for longevity, but (...) that can lead to an implosion of not only the system but of Cameroon as a whole (...). The system is built on a single individual and this individual is identified with the function. So if you try to go a little beyond, you are broken, so that there is a total inertia of the government.

How do you judge the management of the Anglophone crisis by Paul Biya?

The crisis was very badly managed by the President of the Republic. I say it bluntly, when there are problems of this level, we can not manage them by proxy (...). We must accept the compromise, especially we must talk to each other, and to talk to each other, we must accept the other: sitting around a table is not a defeat. This war in Cameroon is a war too many because it is Cameroonians who are killing each other. If it is the same president who is re-elected, we hope that he will change his method (...).I have already met the anglophones of the diaspora, the majority is not for secession, but they are ready to discuss, they are ready to be listened to, heard, and I think it is the least of things. They are Cameroonians like everyone else.