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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Presidential 2018: this is how Maurice Kamto trapped the Biya regime

In August this year, at the request of Maurice Kamto's Cameroonian renaissance movement, 'Elections Cameroon publishes the list of polling stations. While the controversy over polling stations in the military barracks and the presidency ignites social networks and the media, the MRC has kept calm, trusting its ability to mobilize.

For the Biya regime, this insistent request from the list was only a formality, no one imagined what was hidden behind this movement of the Movement for Rebirth.

The party of Maurice Kamto for this election has created a headquarters away from headquarters to centralize the PV data from the polling stations through the communal, departmental, regional, to HQ, the party being represented in virtually all the communes of the country.

Monday morning after the publication of the results, the Cameroonians already had an idea of ​​the winner on the basis of the results of the polling stations during public recounts, especially in the main cities of Cameroon. Recall that the party of the outgoing president would have lost in the Mfoundi, the seat of political institutions.

The entire evening of Sunday the far north and much of the north were cut off from the rest of the country, no internet connection, impossible to communicate via GSM. It was not until the following day to receive via satellite communications the VPs of the far north, the Vice-President and his team made up of the party's youth president who had traveled the region all night to collect the VPs.

Once these PV at the Kamto candidate's headquarters, Maurice Kamto could thus affirm having scored the penalty.

In one evening, the MRC was able to compile all the PV, why the regime of President Biya makes wait two weeks Cameroonian to make public what everyone knows since the counting? It is at this level that a second mechanism of fraud intervenes, this time, far from the tellers and voters: 500 fictitious polling stations.

Only the list of polling stations being known, the 500 fictitious polling stations were dismantled by the MRC. The stuck Biya regime sends the results by departments and regions to introduce the fictitious ballot boxes.

Muzzle the Cameroonians before the publication of the results to silence any claims, the police of repression of the regime of president Biya was in the residence of the members of the coalition for Maurice Kamto to prevent the holding of a press conference, a demonstration of force to anticipate on the anger of the people in case they come to steal the victory of the elected candidate Maurice Kamto.

It is in this context that the United States intervenes, which in a statement urges the Cameroonian government to publish the results polling stations by polling station.

The Biya regime is ready for confrontation, no doubt it will make the results with big scores to create a distance with the MRC. For the MRC candidate, the message is clear: '' I'll go all the way. ''