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Friday, October 5, 2018


Serges Hope Matomba, the first secretary of the United People's Party for Social Renewal (Purs) has not reached any agreement with the MRC, learned Clarence Yongo, member of the communication team of the electoral campaign of the candidate

It reacted as a result of a rumor that ignited the web and taken by several news sites about an alliance between Kamto, Akere, and Matomba

"So far, our party has not signed any political agreement with anyone," she said.

Three days before the presidential election, the voices continue to rise to solicit a union of the opposition, if formally nothing is hitherto decided on this subject, the indiscretions let believe that the negotiations between certain candidates of the opposition continue in a considerable way

The famous Cameroonian bassist Richard Bona wishes for his part a quartet Kamto -Akere - Osih - Cabral.

"The discussions are well advanced. We are hopeful that this [the coalition, Editor's note] will come to fruition, "says a MRC executive.

A hypothesis that corroborates with a publication in which the head of communication of the MRC, Sosthène Medard Lipot highlights three names, Kamto, Akere and Matomba

In addition, a press conference of the MRC is announced this Friday, October 5 at its headquarters in Yaounde, but nothing is on the agenda. Maybe the veil could definitely be lifted, we can not wait.