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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Presidential 2018: Public opinion divided on the approach of Maurice Kamto

Maurice Kamto claims victory in the presidential election of October 7, 2018 in Cameroon. Last Monday, he called the press in Yaoundé to make the announcement. The reaction was not long on the part of Jean Nkuete, the secretary general of the ruling party (Rassemblement démocratique des peuple camerounais), but also Issa Tchiroma, the Minister of Communication.They considered illegal, the approach of the candidate of the Movement for the rebirth of Cameroon (MRC). According to them, Maurice Kamto should have waited for the publication of the results of Sunday's presidential election by the Constitutional Council, the only body authorized to do so. As such, Issa Tchiroma considers that the statement of Maurice Kamto is null and void.

"To declare oneself elected president is to proclaim one's self-proclaimed president in contravention of the electoral law," said socio-political scientist Mathias Eric Owona Nguini.

The MRC, he retorted failed to violate any law. An opinion supported by Jean-Michel Nintcheu, deputy of Wouri and framework of the Social democratic front (SDF).

"Basically, I believe that Professor Kamto is right in adopting this offensive posture in this context of dictatorship in which all the institutions of the electoral process are in the pay of the candidate Biya, who has also appointed to their heads, his own comrades of the left. Biya is, so to speak, judge and party! These institutions will have no qualms about validating the false results that CPDM militants are currently making to turn the tide and ensure the "victory" of their champion. Kamto's approach is strategic because it takes to witness national and international opinion, which must anticipate a possible post-election crisis, but most importantly, it puts pressure on the dictatorial regime of Yaoundé, which is in an incredible feverishness. since the exit of the candidate of the MRC ", explains Jean-Michel Nintcheu in the newspaper Le Jour of this October 12th.

The SDF executive also announced that he would support Maurice Kamto if once published, the minutes of the various polling stations testify that he won. The SDF has yet aligned a presidential candidate 2018.

But how to know without the official publication of the Constitutional Council?Maurice Kamto claimed victory without publishing the results. What is, is not a breach of the law, according to Claude Assira. "According to the law in this area, it is the Constitutional Council that is the body responsible for proclaiming the results of a presidential election. But it is not forbidden that when a candidate has the results, he must not say that he has won or not ". At the time of the announcement of the MRC candidate last Monday, the lawyer at the Cameroonian Bar, however, believes that "all the minutes were not yet in his possession. Professor Kamto could thus rely only on the factual elements ".

For Ayah Paul, a politician and presidential candidate for 2011 in Cameroon, Kamto's statement is not reprehensible.