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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Presidential 2018: Maurice Kamto wanted to join my party, says Garga Haman Adji as he accuses Maurice Kamto of plagiarism

Invited to a special program dedicated to the presidential election of our colleagues at STV, the leader of the ADD appeared accused Maurice Kamto, the candidate of the MRC for the presidential election of October 07, 2018 to have plagiarized his social program.

Selected pieces

"The CPDM obtained 36% of valid votes, compared to 39% for its main challenger SDS".

"I was Fru Ndi's campaign manager in 1992. I heard Hameni Bieuleu say the same thing, he's lying. We had 39% and Biya 36%

"Kamto wanted to integrate the ADD, he came to see me and said, your party interests me ... I gave him my documentation, he used it, Kamto copied the statutes of the ADD. ".

"Paul Biya is a big brother who loves me and people are jealous"

"Cameroonian was not born to be unemployed, it's because we have flabby and irresponsible leaders"

"I will raise the age of retirement is 65 for common law civil servants ... and 75 for researchers and general officers ".