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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Presidential 2018: The G20 makes a second release following the Kamto Declaration

The G20, which is a group of opposition political parties that have supported the president's candidacy for a seventh term, has just made a second exit following the statement made by Professor Maurice Kamto the day after the election.

Constituted primarily by Jean de Dieu Momo and Banda Kani, formerly opponents, they continue to multiply reactions following the statement made by the candidate of the movement for the rebirth of Cameroon (MRC).

For the latter, this premature exit of Professor Maurice Kamto is only an admission of failure and an incitement to the public uprising.

"Only the Constitutional Council is empowered to promulgate the results of this poll, and we condemn this self-proclamation that aims at a popular uprising," said the collective.

Pending the official results of the constitutional court, the G20 members have appealed to citizens asking them to keep calm and serenity.