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Monday, October 15, 2018

Poll result: Traditional Southern Chefs call for calm

In a firm tone, they reaffirmed their commitment to the preservation of peace and indivisibility of Cameroon. This great mass of guarantors of ancestral power was an opportunity for them to express their determination not to yield to the sirens of disorder.

For René Desire Effa, President of the Council of Traditional Chiefs of the Southern Region, "it is a commitment to the preservation of ancestral values ​​and republican ideals. We all urge in the fields to preserve the peace, the unity and the stability of the elements dear for the greatness and the radiance of our country ".

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An interpretation that they have decided to make heard through a common position that they intend to defend at all prices. For them, no reason justifies the unpatriotic behavior of some Cameroonians who are ill-intentioned and manipulated by outside forces.

The guarantors of ancestral power invite Cameroonians of all stripes to accept the verdict of the ballot box, the restraint and the manifestation of a spirit of lucidity and patriotism.

According to His Majesty René Désiré Effa, President of the Council of Traditional Chiefs of the Southern Region, "we conjure all the sons of Cameroon to disassociate themselves from any disorder, sirens of destabilization, agitation and any call to hate and we implore our communities to more hospitality, sharing and love. "

Disorder will not go through the Southern region. The traditional Chefs of this part of the country are already at work to block the way to this movement.