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Friday, October 5, 2018

Political debate: Owona Nguini wants to finish with Wilfried Ekanga

Mathias Owona Nguini wishes to debate with Claude Wilfried Ekanga Ekanga, the activist of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC).

"It seems that the zealots tontinards say that I'm fleeing their new mascot, Claude Ekanga Ekanga! As it is he who can hide the flight of uncle Maurika, he comes! If your new darling consents, then come to discuss with me the political program of the mrc! I wait for him hoping he will not run away like uncle Maurika. Not the bep-bep-bep, "wrote the academic on his Facebook page.

Since the heated debate over Felix Zogo, Secretary General of the Ministry of Communication on Canal 2 and the Bayman Messanga Nyamding on Equinoxe television, Wilfried Ekanga has clearly appeared in the eyes of Internet users as a "serious opponent", the one who took from the height.

In fact, the two well-known personalities of the Cameroonian media landscape have had trouble mastering the new nugget of plateaus of political debates, the young political analyst Wilfried Ekanga, lucite, constant and very relevant in his statements.

At the beginning of last September, in a poll conducted among 344 Cameroonians by C├ędric Djeundji, consultant in piloting and optimization of organizations and on the perception and appreciation of TV channels in Cameroon, Wilfried Ekanga was ahead of Professor Mathias Eric Owona Nguini, followed by the economist Dieudonne Essomba.