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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Police Commissioner 'undressed by his second office'

The former police officer accuses the General Delegation of National Security of having taken for cash allegations of extortion of a sum of 34 million francs made by a "concubine" abandoned to remove him from the ranks of the police .The administration claims that he had donned his work uniform, a business suit and was involved in trafficking that dishonored the profession.

A little more than two years after taking legal action, Daniel Auguste Membile Dimale was ready to face his challenger.At the inaugural hearing of the judgment of the case against the General Delegation to National Security (Dgsn), his former user administration, the chief police commissioner revoked the body in 2015 did not make the mouth , nor used of language of wood. Before the judges of the Administrative Court of Yaounde, where he rebels against his dismissal deemed abusive, the 45-year-old man electrified the courtroom on October 16, 2018 explaining, without embarrassment, in front of a crowd of unknowns this which, according to him, constitutes the reasons for his eviction. Better, its part of truth.

In his version of the facts, Martin Mbarga Nguelé, General Delegate for National Security (Dgsn), is accused of having taken for "gospel words" accusations of extortion by his "concubine" to implement movement disciplinary proceedings against him and finally get him out of the ranks of the police, under the pretext of dishonouring the corporation. The former official attacks, for this purpose, the decree of revocation signed on July 7, 2015 by Paul Biya, the President of the Republic, who finds him guilty of "serious compromises undermining the consideration of the police", the facts perpetrated in 2012 and 2013.

When he was finally able to speak after his advice during this hearing, Mr. Membile Dimale declares that his woes come from a certain Mengue, a woman living abroad with whom he once had an "extramarital relationship". He says that at the time of the events at the police station of the 2nd district of the city of Nkongsamba, in the Littoral region, he was given carte blanche to take care of his business in Cameroon, to find solutions to various concerns of the private sphere, posed by the lady, as well as thirds that she often directed towards him. According to him, everything went well, until he decided to put an end to about four years of concubinage to devote himself more to his family.


According to him, that's what caused his setbacks. The policeman claims that his ex-concubine decided to get revenge by playing his "personal relationship" with Mr. Mbarga Nguelé, the police chief. Faced with this authority, the chief police commissioner says that Ms. Mengue claimed that he took control of his vehicle, his plots of land and extorted money from him. Property valued at 34 million francs.Without any proof, he regrets. Daniel Auguste Membile Dimale claims that he was never able to defend himself against all the accusations made against him during the investigation or before the Disciplinary Board because the police showed at all stages of the proceedings. procedure a bias for the whistleblower, which he finally appealed to the criminal judge.


"There were curiosities throughout the investigation. All that the supposed victim said was taken for gospel words. I was alone against everyone. I asked for raids on the ground, they refused. I had to cut off my head. I had never had a single request for explanation after ten years of service control. I was thrown into a cell like a common bandit, on the basis of a voucher signed by the prefect of Wouri. I seized the TGI of Douala who released me.To the police, the texts are not their business. The police have the violation of the texts in the DNA. Did the complainant give me a legacy, a donation of 34 million francs? Did she give up that sum of money? What prevents him from pursuing me since then? The goal was to undress me, to make me skin, "he said.

In his turn, the Dgsn did not skimp on the words to present the portrait of his former collaborator. A man described as being a hub for processing files deemed doubtful, relating to the facts of illegal immigration among others. A police officer accused repeatedly of extortion scams to users and some of whom were able to recover some of their property from the start of investigations.

Clear and crisp information According to this administration, the chief police commissioner also distinguished himself in his professional circle by acts of indiscipline, even insubordination. For the public prosecutor's office, which has, on the spot, subjected the dismissed police officer to a questioning of the facts before reaching his final opinion, the complaint is unfounded. The court's decision will fall on November 13, 2018.