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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Paul Biya: Case of the false congratulatory letter of Macron, new elements resurface

The case of congratulatory letter attributed to Emmanuel Macron and published by Paul Biya on Tweeter and his Facebook page remains totally unclear.'Check News' that comes with the newspaper Libération investigated.

"Contacted by Check News, the Elysée confirms the authenticity of the letter. It specifies that it was not intended to be made public, which explains why there is no trace elsewhere, "writes the newspaper. However, the Elysee adds: "It is not a simple letter of congratulations as in all the official mail, there is also a message addressed to the recipient".

Since when does the Elysee address confidential congratulations to a newly elected head of state? While Paul Biya was proclaimed winner of the presidential election by the Constitutional Council on October 22, why did Macron wait until October 25 to send congratulations to Paul Biya?

Does Emmanuel Macron already give clandestine congratulations to a head of state? Were they congratulations or injunctions? Was it a personal letter to the point of not including the coat of arms of the French Republic? Why the spokesman of the Elysee or the head of state Emmanuel Macron do not publish any official communiqué to lift all the dark points of this correspondence called "private" made public by the Cameroonian head of state? Why does not the one who claims to authenticate this letter give his own name for himself to be authenticated and know if he has quality? Why this letter that engages the French Republic does not appear in the official journal and has not been transmitted to AFP and the French press as required by law? Why the presidency of the Republic of Cameroon contacted by 'Check News', refuses to explain this case?

In fact, according to sources close to the Quai d'Orsay, Emmanuel Macron has received a letter from candidate Maurice Kamto with all the documentation of electoral fraud. Having requested anonymity, a senior official said: "Even when you have to defraud, you have to be smart. However, on the minutes we received, the fake is flagrant until the signatures ". And what about the new signature of Macron that his own collaborators have trouble recognizing?

Emmanuel Macron does not want to muddle or publicly ridicule Paul Biya to whom he had already sent an invitation even before the holding of the election to come to participate in the forum for peace which will take place from 11 to 13 November at the Grande Halle of the Villette. The Élysée is trying to save Paul Biya who proclaims himself "the best student of France", and who gives him oil, wood, the port, the railways, telecommunications, breweries and all the juicy sectors of the world. 'economy.

But Paul Biya's stay in France will not go unnoticed. A counter-demonstration will take place in Paris from the Place de la République. Among the signatories of the event, there is the Frantz Fanon Foundation, Pan-Africanist activists and other associations that will support the Cameroonian diaspora to protest against the electoral heist of the French sub-prefect Paul Biya.