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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Pascal Messanga humiliated by a MRC activist on Equinox Tv

This is a rather unusual verbal jousting that the Cameroonian public was entitled this Sunday, September 30 between Prof. Charlemagne Pascal Messanga Nyamding and political analyst Wilfried Ekanga on the private television channel Equinoxe TV.

Invited to the program "Etoudi 2018", the two men intervening respectively on behalf of the RDPC and the MRC have engaged in a duel that continues to feed comments on social networks. Extract…

Messanga: Stop dwelling on the age of the president. When you arrive on a plateau, you do like your liar Minister Kamto

Ekanga: There is so much content to criticize on the balance sheet or rather the lack of balance sheet of Paul Biya that, to insist on his age would be an admission of weakness. It is the longevity cumulated with the mediocrity of achievements which is criticized in my case

Messanga: It's good to live in Cameroon.

Ekanga: it is so good to live that, if you experience giving the visa to all Cameroonians, the country would be empty of its population

Messanga: the tram was to be built by the Germans

Ekanga: It's good to be glad that 36 years after President Ahmadou Ahidjo, with all the genius that he overflows, Cameroon still comes to call foreigners for its infrastructure of displacement

Messanga: Wilfred Ekanga is lost. That you submit the form of the state to a referendum, you are not ready, Kamto is a coward.

Ekanga: self-control is a foreign body at home, you fuse that people insult, but you are on the plateau the one who materializes the most.

Messanga: It's a political baby, he has no experience

Ekanga: The lack of content, is supplanted by the distraction as you are doing it. When we are the referee of a match in which we play, we end up being convinced by his own lies

Messanga: wowowo ... Yes yes ... And the shape of the state then?

Ekanga: The Euro has been subject to questioning in several countries including France, this does not prevent it from being 5th power in the world. It is not because we called the people on what concerns them that we are weak

Messanga: We are planning to call .. Wowowo he made a mistake wowowo ... Kamto is not yet president wowowo ...

Ekanga: Agitation is the weapon of the weak

Ekanga: The popular consultation is not a sign of weakness, it is a reminder to the people that the state is you and us.

Messanga: Really, I'm a little embarrassed because when you oppose duels, put people to equal political level. He is lost the poor. He's talking about Switzerland, he's talking about Rousseau ... Wowowo ...

Ekanga: I'm not accountable for your misunderstanding

Messanga: Dido he does not have the level do not send me the little ones on the board

Ekanga: It's one thing to be ridiculed, it's another to ridicule oneself

Messanga: he said, anglophones are marginalized, it's wrong, they are not.

Ekanga: President Biya is very lucky to have been there for 36 years and to have an electoral food that votes more by convention than by conviction

Ekanga: The RDPC's argument is based on triviality. It is necessary to stifle the vetitables subjects and to rely on superficialities to exhaust the time.

Messanga: I give him the minute to be clearer. Form of state, referendum for federal or unitary state?

Ekanga: I'll answer ...

Messanga: Yes answer wowowo ... Answer ...

Ekanga: it's very complicated I almost want to say that I'm glad I was not your student

Messanga: I'm not competing with you wowowo ...

Ekanga: on the question of independence the MRC specifies that secessionism is not an option. As the CPDM only listens to the CPDM, you have not even taken the time to read the program.

Messanga: Take a pen and do the math: 36 off 64 gives 32

Ekanga: This propensity for Cameroon to export only, what others consume ...

Messanga: what do you think? Correct me that!

Ekanga: Your misunderstanding must not rub off on the content of an analysis

Messanga: When China is a member of the Security Council, it was practically in 1945

Ekanga: this is false

Messanga: I'm telling you, I teach international relations ... Wowowo ...

Ekanga: When you have the patience to listen to you, it's not because it's true. An abandoned lie becomes a gangrene that can lead to a giant abscess

Ekanga: You speak about China, in 1945 China of today did not exist, it is in 1949 that Mao Tse Toung creates the people's republic of China. And it is in the 70s that China integrates precisely the security council.

Ekanga: The compass (DSCE) brought the ship in troubled waters, it's like Christopher Colom who arrived in America thinking that he arrived in India.

Messanga: Stop saying that Paul Biya did nothing ... Wowowo ... In the end you're tired ... Wowowo ... (Wanting to cry already)

Ekanga: Defroooqué on the board Messanga Nyambing

Messanga: Wowowo ... Did you see Chirac at the time? I am a politician. I go into a trance ... Wowowo ...

Ekanga: The decibel with which one expresses an argument does not determine the veracity of this argument

Messanga: In the MRC what do you propose? Mina i ndjé? Wapoula ndjé?

Ekanga: It is not because we are in a big hotel and the DG is Cameroon that we are developed, it is the visual development ...