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Friday, October 12, 2018

Offensive Conference: Police Prosecute MRC at Dzongang

Initially scheduled at Mr. Yondo BLACK, the police quickly squared around the home of the former coach, and it is by trick that the press and a few tenors of the MRC found themselves at the home of Mr. Dzongang.

While Mr Dzongang had just finished his speech to give the floor to the young Wilfrid, Me Yondo Black takes the floor to encourage the young Wilfrid on his destiny during this election campaign.

Then around 11:30, local time, while Mr. Yondo Black continued his remarks that we will see arise 2 polociers, one in civil and the other in uniform to ask to interrupt the meeting on the pretext that the prefect of Wouri prohibited it.

As we were going to press, a reinforcement of policemen was going to the home of Albert Dzongang to disrupt the press and members of the MRC.