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Thursday, October 11, 2018

No Cameroonians went out on the streets to demonstrate in favor of Kamto, says Calixte Beyala as she reacts drastically to Kamto's victory

"The Kamto candidate has been disowned, treated as an impostor" Calixte Beyala

The novelist who is still in the throats the recent exit of the candidate Maurice Kamto who proclaimed himself "winner" of the presidential election of October 7, 2018 salutes the maturity of the Cameroonian people who did not go down in the street.

" The Kamto candidate has been disowned, treated as an impostor by leaders of major political parties like Garga or the President of the Universe. No Cameroonians came out on the streets to protest for Kamto! Shouts of the "Kamto President" style that could flatter the ears and the ego of this narcissistic pervert have not been heard. The cities are calm; everyone goes about their business... Mass is said.

I mean here and there "Kamto clear! Kamto, the guy who wanted to put Cameroon down, says he won an election he lost! Ah the forger caught in the bag! He will settle in Baham and will govern the perimeter of Baham even though the real great personalities of Baham will chase him! ", She wrote on her Facebook page.

About his instigation to the insurgency, Maurice Kamto said in the columns of the French newspaper Libération Tuesday never to cause people to trouble. " Read my statement again: I never instigated insurrection. I spoke of "change in peace", I offered immunity guarantees to the outgoing president. We will peacefully but firmly defend the results we have compiled, "he says.

According to the novelist, the candidate of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) "pulverizes the record of rejections". " Kamto's supporters have spent five years insulting other Cameroonians! They taxed those of North sheep! They said that those in Central and Eastern are lazy people! They claimed that those of the Littoral were the enjoyers, incapable of producing wellbeing.

They also said that the Bassas were killers and so on! They promised us hunting, prison, exile, famine ... Only in their eyes were those of the West. They called the latter brilliant! They also proclaimed that they were hardworking, intelligent and definitely superior to other Cameroonians ".

Source: CIN