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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Muea: a pastor and his wife drug and rape a church member

The Prophet Apostle Divine Lefor as his name is and his wife Lefor Ruth of the International Center of Wisdom in Muea, rapes a girl who happens to be a member of her church that has existed for about 6 years. Before becoming a prophet, Lefor Divine was a world music artist with the stage name Sticky and always an artist by the stage name Daddy D.

This is the sad event told by a devotee who is also close to the pastor and his wife. She would be sexually abused by the couple who clings to the pleasures of the flesh that the gospels.

The victim said, "I went to visit my spiritual father (Lefor Divine) and marry (Lefor Ruth) as I usually do. To help them or for a normal visit because they are my spiritual parents. I entered the house, I saw mom and dad watching TV in the living room, I greeted them and later I took a seat sitting at a corner of the house when mom asked me to to fetch food from the pot. I did.

While savoring my meal, I heard mom and dad laugh so loudly. I was curious and I asked Mom what they were looking at that made them laugh. They invited me to sit in the middle and see for myself. I was anxious as I walked to sit in the middle of them and watch .... To my surprise, I saw what my eyes could not accept, I was so shocked and disappointed to see people I admire as spiritual leaders watching porn. It was so embarrassing and unbelievable that I got up and went back to continue my meal. When I finished eating, Mom asked me to take the juice from the table and drink ... I did not know what was in it. I realized later that I slept between mom and dad on the bed, half dressed and I noticed that I had ventured. I asked them what was going on and mom said they were trying something new. I wanted to hurt those two by anger, I felt nervous, disgusting and disconcerted ... I felt my heart burn, in tears I dressed to go and mom warned me and threatened me that if I dare never express what has just happened, they will find me.

You know what, I was mental, physically, emotionally and spiritually depressed. I want to say it, but I was scared ... I did not know how long to keep it in me ... I just wanted to die. Even more reasons why I could not talk to anyone, I was too confident, I thought what they would say ...

I did not know how long to keep it in me ... I just felt like dying . There were other reasons why I could not say anything. I was also honest. I thought about what they will say. They will not believe me, but again, there were other girls in the church who were sexually abused by the Apostle Lefor Divine, but we did not do it. Do not believe them when they said it was because he had a personality that he built, which made us admire many people and we want to copy, but we did not know that my mentor was him -even a demon. I thought about going to the police but who I am?

This man comes from a wealthy background, they can corrupt the commissioners and even pay the police to kill me. I later confided in some church members who later confronted him and he promised to change, but as the day goes on, it gets worse. My heart was heavy... I then rushed to another city. My dear, it has not been easy with me, but the Almighty God I serve has been my strength as I slowly gain strength to be strong and move forward. Memory and thought are not something that will fade away in a day.My God will help me to get through this slowly. I pray others do not fall into all his pretentious preaching and the pure image he continues to show the world ... that this man and his wife are evil »