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Friday, October 12, 2018

Missed coup: this is what happened on April 6, 1984

Never forget this date 06 April 1984 - Attempt of a Missed Coup organized by these three individuals (IssaTchiroma, Niat, Garga) who today give the lessons of right and moral to the Cameroonian people.

To save their heads, in return these individuals have vowed to reassure themselves to keep Paul Biya in power.Issa Tchiroma said it in one of his videos "The Great North belongs to Paul Biya Nobody can win the elections if he does not win the north ... me mm I have guaranted the account of President Paul Biya "

February 28, 1884 - The death sentence of Ahmadou Ahidjo, Ibrahim Oumarou, Salatou Adamou is pronounced. They will subsequently be pardoned. What will engage the thesis of the fury against the North Cameroon.

April 11, 1984 - Paul Biya by decree dissolves the Republican Guard.

April 12, 1984 - The official record of the coup d'Eta is made public (70 dead including 4 civilians and 8 soldiers loyalists, 52 wounded, 265 missing gendarmes, 1053 arrests).

April 27, 1984 - Inauguration of the trial of the putschists behind closed doors at the Military Court. Of the 1053, only 436 defendants.

May 1, 1984 - First executions in Mbalmayo a few hundred meters from the Mechanic district not far from the Mbalmayo- Ebolowa national.

15 May 1984 - Second wave of executions in Mfou.

March 24, 1985 - Birth of the Rdpc to Bamenda on the ashes of the Unc.

17 January 1991 - Law on amnesty for political offenses and convictions.

1992- Retrocession of the property of some putschists out of prison.

December 04, 2000 - Withdrawal from September 1, 1983 or May 1, 1984 of certain officers. Decree of revocation taken again from 1993 and retired at different dates.

09 March 2007 - Retrocession to Mokolo concessions to the family of Issa Adoum and Maroua de Hamadou Adji.

February 1, 2008 - Decree to revalorize the pensions of the putschist officers.

Reporter: Malik Malik