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Thursday, October 11, 2018


Patrick Pen, coordinator of Mida believes that Paul Biya is the only candidate for the perfume of this case and holds the keys to clarify this issue. Other candidates would not have a good knowledge of the case. Patrick Pen presents the file which is in instruction, but in the current state "it is necessary to know that no action nor of refund or payment or other for the purposes of compensation can not be engaged".

Knowing that he "can also take all his time" in case of "non-place" while nothing "indicates until now that a new strong man can take on him to resolve this situation as soon as possible", Paul Biya is "the only one who has taken on him officially through the media to manage subscribers, you know who it is.The Mida administrator invites all those who subscribe to this project to search for "all the excerpts of newspapers that record this commitment", to retranscribe them on "banners". It is also requested to make "motions of support for the candidate Biya".

The midaïstes, to believe the person in charge, must also wear the t-shirts of "J2pist" and go to the meetings that they would have identified while "respecting the notions of civism and patriotism acquired with the Mida to" make hear " their voice.

This attitude may allow this case to find a "solution shortly after the elections, because no other candidate has so far specifically stated the Mida file. "

However Patrick Pen said he was "bitterly disappointed by the regime in place, which broke a job carefully set up, he would have better framed than destroy everything badly like a devil in fury, ruining the dreams and hopes of many under false pretenses ".

Despite all these frustrations, the Mida cadre would never have forgiven the regime. "No, I would not have given him my voice," he insists; he hopes that "this is the last-chance mandate" hence this circumstantial support so that the rulers try to catch up.