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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Maurice Kamto's Victory "The Moving Message By Brenda Biya"

"My father wants to rest so much, because he is very tired. His last trip to China has further exhausted him. He really wants to stop. He believes he gave all his professional life for Cameroon ", this message which could not confirm the authenticity is attributed to Brenda Biya, the daughter of the President of the Republic.

According to the information circulating, Brenda Anastasie Eyenga Biya would have sent this message to her close friend, a Cameroonian student in Switzerland.

In the wake of this message that would have gone from intimate to intimate, we learn, Brenda Biya also confided that her dad wants to stop and return to Mvomeka'a to rest, traveling from time to time in Switzerland for medical care.

"Daddy often tells us that he does not have a long time to live. And that worries us. The only regret that now my daddy is to leave Cameroon at war and divided. He often says he is betrayed by those around him who he is sometimes helpless, "she said in her message.

Paul Biya 85 years of age, 36 of whom want to run for the seventh term in charge of Cameroon, the official results of the Sunday presidential election are expected, but the candidate Maurice Kamto of the MRC has already declared himself the winner.

The decision of constitutional council, the only body authorized to proclaim the official results will not be known before October 22.