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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Maurice Kamto Outwardly Accused Cabral Of Being A CPDM Submarine

The MRC candidate wonders about the media lynching he has been subjected to since claiming his victory last Monday against the national and international press.

Maurice Kamto seems not to understand why Cabral Libii (he did not mention him by name) does not make as much fixation as him, yet he also claims the victory for the same presidential election on Sunday.

"I note that this post (post of Cabral where he claimed his victory Ed) makes less noise than my own statement. I have no comment to make at this stage. It just proves that some candidates would be well perceived by the power. For the rest, I feel in my right, no offense to mourners and virgins frightened, "he said in the columns of the French newspaper Liberation.

Is Cabral Libii an RDPC pawn? is not able to answer this question, but the reactions are going well. A journalist has denounced the national coordinator of the movement "11 million citizens" and candidate for the party Universe for the election of October 7 as a "submarine" CPDM, the party in power.

In an interview given to the newspaper Barometer Communautaire of 7 September 2017, Cabral Libii had already shown clearly on this question "I am not a pawn of anyone and that our financing is the result of the contributions and the support of the members of the operation, "he had sliced