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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Maurice Kamto may soon disappear - Atangana Manda

The declaration of Kamto to claim the victory in the presidential election of Sunday, October 07 quickly created irritation in the opinion. 

Charles Atangana Manda, director of the media observatory at the Ministry of Communication, a strong RDPC activist and also a specialist in political semiotics, did not spare his energy to respond to the MRC candidate, the penalty shooter "

The entirety of its publication:


The auto - statufié and self - enthroned, M. Maurice KAMTO, in the grotesque and the inadmissible of his act, a true democratic and anti - Republican denial, now takes, the shameful and ubiquitous image, of a political amateur, narcissistic and egocentric, in search of glory.

A man who definitely falls off the mask, to reveal his tragi-comic destiny, comparable to the fate of the toad who thought he was an ox! Mr. KAMTO, declared himself "elected President of the Republic of Cameroon, at the end of the presidential election of October 7, 2018", and this, in violation of the legal provisions, laws and regulations of the Republic, in the absolute carelessness of the Constitution of Cameroon, the fundamental law ...

Very aggravating fact: in violation and in disregard of the indisputable and indisputable truth of the ballot boxes!

What I believe

In the heart of the Republic, we are here in front of a case of political delirium and public bitterness, dangerously exciped by a sub-gifted politician, who plays with fire on the back of Cameroon! This Mr. knows full well that he failed miserably in his attempt to be elected head of the State of Cameroon. He knows that the votes validly cast in his favor are a real shave. He knows that his presidential campaign has been peppered with controversy and controversy on all levels. He knows that the percentage of Cameroonians who have voted for him, in the light of the different tendencies, flies away, too far, too far, behind ... Behind the tide, what do I say, far, too much, too much far behind the raid, white waves made by the CPDM and its candidate, Paul BIYA!

Therefore, proclaiming himself President of Cameroon, in the theatrical and folk conditions acted by Mr. KAMTO, is both inadmissible and intolerable! That, to see it well, imposes at least, a reflection on the three legal and moral, political and social, strategic and socio - human:

1. First of all in the legal and moral, here is one, who wanted to direct Cameroon and who can play with the fundamental law of our Nation! The Constitution of Cameroon, the laws and regulations of the Republic, regulate clearly and effectively the norms and practices of elective democratic and referendum competitions in Cameroon.

No one has the right to part with it, no one can believe himself above the law!Needless to say, this man makes a lot of noise on his career as a law teacher. He gurgles on every day, to the point of astonishing today, even in his own camp, his excitement, his vanity and his bulimia of power, in defiance of the law, the law, and, the duties and obligations of citizens and Republicans! What about the moral dimension of Mr KAMTO? Well, the answer is in the question! And, among other good objective and relevant reasons, it is also for that, that the Cameroonians overwhelmingly acclaimed Paul BIYA, October 07, 2018, within the framework of the presidential election, sanctioning the anointing of the sovereignty of the people, to a great statesman, namely:

Paul BIYA, for the next septennat in our country. The questions of ethics, good morality, honesty, together, the sense of the general interest, the sense of honor ... Are thus put back to the taste of the day, at the height of the imposture of Mauritius KAMTO!

2. Politically and socially: the unfortunate candidate for the presidential election of October 7, 2018 in Cameroon, spreads in the eyes of the country and the world, the completed model of imposture and dishonor! Mr. KAMTO, is seriously demonstrating an intolerable and inadmissible lack of democratic fair play, lack of democratic culture, lack of knowledge and lack of control over the socio - political environment! He was laminated, like all the other candidates, by Paul BIYA; instead of recognizing his defeat with dignity, for his first participation in a presidential election, he chose to make a big leap into the void!

The gangsterism and the mediao - political, or politico - media banditry, used by Mr. KAMTO, very unhappy candidate in the presidential election of October 7th, 2018, to remember to the national and international collective conscience, and consequently , avoid disappearing from the scene, as he had come, in absolute anonymity, after the proclamation of the results of the aforesaid vote, by the Constitutional Court, the only instance of right entitled to it ...

In addition to his option for a shameful and ridiculous arm of honor to democracy and the Republic! By choosing to brag in front of the national and especially international media - with an unsteady voice - we see him, almost staggering, pale and dark - to declare himself hastily and very loudly winner, in a grotesque lie political and public, he hopes to play the disturbances - feasts, to bitterly defeat the victory of Paul BIYA, and spoil the legitimate joy of the people with the majority who have supported the candidate BIYA; play the disturbances - feasts and try to disrupt the entry into the new septennat.

Mr. KAMTO, once again, demonstrates openly that he knows neither Cameroon nor the Cameroonian people! He was all alone, put his back to the wall, he stuck his finger in the eye! He put himself in the wrong direction of history! It will come out all shame drunk, without glory or honor, because it has slipped without restraint, from shamelessness to dishonor!

3. At the strategic level, his nods to the international chancelleries, his little game "Jean Ping", the Gabonese, on the political theater Cameroonians, etc., all that really makes you laugh, because, and, Mr KAMTO knows it very well, his score at the end of the presidential election is ridiculous for him, even humiliating! The Cameroonian people have disavowed it, and massively chose Paul BIYA, and Mr. KAMTO knows it. Exactly, as at the time when he was staying as deputy minister in the Government, alerted by his godfather, then very close collaborator of the Head of State, that his exit from the said Government was nothing more than a matter of some hours, to avoid shame, he rushed, announcing his "resignation.

" Well, aware of the screaming disavowal of the Cameroonian people, only sovereign, in his regard, Mr. Maurice KAMTO, rushed yesterday, as his habit, to declare yourself the winner! In the ugliness of his act, mingle, and intertwine: disgusting, abject, vomit, intolerable and unacceptable !!! Mr. KAMTO fell from very high, very low out of the polls on October 07, 2018! His horde of scavengers and barkers, violent and thundering on social networks, his band of mutants on the web, insult and anathema tinged with devilry and satanism, his fanatics affidés and other ethnofascist bands - tribalists to the devil, have well pressed, presenting very quickly, his true face to the eyes of the Cameroonian people!

Mr. KAMTO was sacked by the CPDM candidate, His Excellency Paul BIYA, on October 7, 2018, during the presidential election. And KAMTO, and all the other six (06) candidates, have received the same deranged: all the rest is an abominable bad faith! The friendly countries of Cameroon will know how to advise!Moreover, Mr. KAMTO does not make anyone laugh! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, the legitimate and legitimate winner of this presidential election: President Paul BIYA!

MORE EVENTS What will happen now?

Very exactly what the Constitution of Cameroon, the Electoral Code, all the laws and regulations of the Republic in the matter! The joker, medico - politician, Mr KAMTO, has already managed to make talk about him, well, it 's not so bad for him! It is the only success that will be recognized, at the end of the legal procedures, citizens and Republicans, he will be able to at least remember what he wanted to force destiny, putting the anathema on the Republic, on the Entire nation, on Motherland, and, his adventure naturally, could not prosper!

The Republic will block the sham, clientelism, and the mafia! All Cameroonians know that forces in the shadows support these adventurers who want to undermine the social peace in our country. Endogenous and exogenous forces are behind the bluster of auto - statufié and self - crowned Maurice KAMTO. In the grotesque and the inadmissible of his act, I insist on it, Mr. KAMTO is now the image of a sub-gifted political, narcissistic and self-centered, who plays with fire on the back of Cameroon! His adventure will not prosper!

Cameroonians already know his score after the presidential election! He did a lot of checkmate! He can continue to animate the gallery, but, let him know one thing: We do not have fun with Cameroon!

Charles Atangana Manda