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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

List of Western Traditional Chiefs Charged with Treason by Populations

Several traditional leaders are accused of plotting with President Biya's regime to steal people's victory in the presidential election. This election of 2018 was a crucial issue for the liberation of a pauperized people for more than 36 years of Biya governance, some traditional leaders have used the authority to bar the road to the one who represented a real alternative to the candidate Biya, the Professor Maurice Kamto.

While several associations of the diaspora have canceled the invitations of traditional leaders, the chief Baham would have fled the village for fear of retaliation of the people.

1). Chef Bangangte This zealous RDPCiste leader made the news by not taking part in the Niat rally in Bagangte. In reality he wanted a lot more money than he had received. After receiving 20,000,000 francs he threw himself body and soul to organize the fraud in the Nde, with the help of the rogue Ketcha. It is he who orchestrates the flight of the victory of Kamto.

2) Chief Bandjoun This very arrogant and boastful leader who prefers to be called (Dr) nurtures the ambition to become a minister and blocks the way for any son of the village well placed. He uses his bulu network from the time he was at HÉVÉCAM to sell his brothers. He is helped by another climber who dreams of replacing FOTSO Victor, Nkouinche Albert of Express Union. Both of them modified the voting results in Bandjoun. After buying the poor moms at 1000 francs

3). Chief Baham and his acolytes Sindjoun Luc and Kamdem Dieudonne, played the final. His appointment as a senator prepared him for this cruel game. He also received 50,000,000 francs from Sindjon Luc. Kamdem Dieudonne CEO of KADO Supermarket took charge of buying the consciences of the poor villagers.

4) Chief Bahuan and his financier Djemmo Lucas CEO of Sorepco. To counter one of the most virulent counselor Kamto in the person of Dzongang Albert son of this village, these two consorts were put to work. This corrupt leader was appointed by the power to read on behalf of the leaders of the West, the condemnation of Kamto at the meeting of the Rdpc in Bafoussam. He received 3,000,000 for this work of peephole. The other leaders were discreet in their support to the Rdpc. The Bamileke people must banish forever, these three peepholes and their accomplices, booing them at each of their public release, and the Diaspora must boycott them NO ELECTORAL HOLD-UP !!!!!