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Friday, October 12, 2018

Kamto's victory: the touching message of Brenda Biya to the Cameroonians

This is essentially what we must remember from the telephone conversation that Branda Biya had on Tuesday, October 9, with her close friend, a Cameroonian student in Switzerland. In this conversation that went from intimate to intimate, Brenda confesses that her dad wants to stop and return to Mvomeka'a to rest and travel most often to Switzerland for his medical follow-ups.

"My father wants to rest so much. Because he is very tired. His last trip to China has further exhausted him. He really wants to stop. He thinks he has given all his professional life to Cameroon "says almost crying the daughter of Biya.

Like any girl who has a sacred love, without fault and not negotiable for her father, she does not want to lose it. "Daddy often tells us that he does not have much longer to live. And that worries us, continues the one that carries and will continue to perpetuate the name of the mother of Biya ".

In this conversation Anastasie Brenda Biya admits that the only regret that now his daddy love is to leave Cameroon at war, divided. He often says he is betrayed by those around him, to whom he is sometimes impotent. She ends up hoping that Cameroonians understand her father and do not push him to a stroke or humiliation, because he is someone good.

Will Biya give up power after 35 years?Does not he deserve a rest?