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Friday, October 19, 2018

Justice: Yaoundé Military Court sentences Ondo Ndong

The former director general of the Special Fund for Equipment and Intervention Intervention (Feicom) is found guilty of asking a policeman to disrupt the communication jammer of his cell, to keep in touch with his relatives. The Yaoundé Military Court convicted them all.

Emmanuel Gérard Ondo Ndong is not at the end of the tunnel. The former director general (DG) of the Special Fund for Intermunicipal Equipment (Feicom) has a new court case born this time inside his cell. He is incarcerated in the Yaoundé secondary prison, located within the premises of the State Secretariat for Defense (SED) in charge of the National Gendarmerie. "I am Christian. I will be 73 years old in December. I have already spent 14 years in prison. All gendarmes enter my cell. All are my friends. I like people. I like to give. It is my kindness that punishes me today. I did not give any instructions. "

The former high-ranking State clerk, in his sky-blue gandoura, with his right hand raised, made this statement as a final word before the Yaoundé Military Court. It was October 11, 2018. In fact, Mr. Ondo Ndong claims his innocence before the military judge who has just found him guilty of complicity in the attempt to destroy a military apparatus. The quarreled military equipment is a communication jammer placed at the entrance of each cell to the SED. The package took place on the night of 23 to 24 July 2016 around 2 am.

On the other hand, Mr. Ondo Ndong's mate of misfortune, Constable Abdoul Aziz Soulé, in his forties, pleaded guilty to attempted destruction of military equipment, abandonment of post, communication with detainees and violation of instructions. , charges that weigh on him. In the crackdown, the court imposed on Mr. Ondo Ndong twelve months in prison suspended for three years. This means that if the ex-DG is convicted of an offense during the stay, he will serve in addition to the sentence he has been sentenced in that other case, twelve months' imprisonment.

Constable Abdoul Aziz Soulé fired himself with eighteen months of imprisonment.Before pronouncing the final sentence, the court recalled the content of the proceedings by reading the judgment in its entirety. It appears that on July 23, 2016, Constable Abdoul Aziz Soulé had taken custody in one of the buildings of the SED.At around 2 am Warrant Officer Jean Babagna caught him manipulating the communications jammer at the entrance of Mr. Ondo Ndong's cell to decrease the capacity of the device. During the investigation, the man in uniform confessed that Mr. Ondo Ondo had instructed him to disrupt his cell's communication jammer for the simple reason that the device prevents him from to be in permanent contact with his relatives.

In court, Mr. Ondo Ndong pleaded not guilty. In his defense, he poured into the proceedings a sketch of the various cells of the SED indicating the names of the occupants. He explained that prior to the occurrence of the facts, he posed the problem of "communication jammer" with the colonel responsible for the central research department of the SED. The proof that he did not need to plot with a subordinate ... Moreover, the night of the facts, Mr. Soulé entered his cell at around 10 pm, without his authorization. He expelled him.

Good Christian

Mr. Ondo Ndong told the court that when the case broke out, Mr. Soulé went to meet his wife secretly so that the latter dissuaded him from filing a complaint against him. "He told my wife that this is the only way for him to get out of the case." The former DG felt that as a good Christian, and after an examination of conscience, he can not accuse an innocent person . The court raided the SED prison. The Public Prosecutor's Office requested that Mr. Ondo Ondo not be guilty, saying that there is confusion in the facts. He indicates that the place where Mr. Soulé was surprised gives face to another cell which is not that of Mr. Ondo Ndong; and the manipulated communication jammer was not his.

To establish the guilt of Mr. Ondo Ndong, the court believes that "Constable Abdoul Aziz Soulé is not a diviner to imagine the communication problem of Mr. Ondo Ndong". And to add that the fact for the former DG to have asked the "problem with the colonel shows that he had". The court finds that it is not a trivial fact that Constable Soulé found himself at 22h in the cell of Mr. Ondo Ndong, shortly before the occurrence of the package.

In his opinion, the two men are accomplices. And to point out that "the practice of maladjustment of communication jammers is frequent" in the SED prison. The court pronounced against the defendants the known sentences. Note that Emmanuel Gérard Ondo Ndong is not unknown to the judiciary. He is serving a 35-year prison sentence for embezzlement of public funds at the time he was Feicom's chief executive officer.