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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Jean De Dieu Momo multiplies attacks against Bamileke

An awkward exit, hurtful remarks and above all a dangerous drift towards the withdrawal of identity. The message posted by the lawyer Jean De Dieu Momo now allied with Paul Biya, on the place of the Bamileke community of which he is a native, is simply abject. The opposite of the ideal advocated by the Head of State.

"LET'S TALK ABOUT TRUE: yes or no Bamileke win 80% of public markets in Cameroon? Yes or no are they the richest thanks to these advantages? Yes or no Bamileke jump Customs and juggle with taxes? Who is the most corrupt people in Cameroon?

Natural in business will you say to me?Which people are complaining the most since 1960? Who are the people who are the most protesting in Cameroon? And paradoxically, who are the people whose cities are connected by a paved road?Bafoussam Foumban Mbouda Dschang Bafang Bagangte etc. did you go to Batouri? Yokadouma? Abongbang?

Who are the people who, despite these advantages, have the highest rate of food exiles who falsely disguise themselves as political exiles to tarnish the image of our country? So what is the people "pebble in the shoe" of Cameroon? South produces Wood and Cocoa, East Gold, Diamond and Wood in Cameroon's revenues, North Cotton and meat, Southwest oil, Coastal Gas and soon oil.

Forgive me, but I wish you to remind me what the West is already doing to demand that his presidential turn be here and now!Agriculture? You sell your crop in Gabon and it does not enter Cameroon's revenue for the Budget through which it builds roads!
It's already over.

Ah, do you pay taxes?More than who? P forgive forgiveness you do not like the truth? Cameroon is only 58 years old and we have made a sacred path. Do not mind. Sorry, lower your clapper a little! #momojeandedieu