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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Independence Day: shooting, fire and extremely savage respond of Ambazonians on Monday

The first anniversary of the independence of Ambazonia is celebrated in clashes between secessionist forces and elements of the BIR on 1 October.

Barred roads, the traffic of the cars forbidden by the police force does not stop the secessionists who fight back by attacks. On Monday, October 1, in a locality near Bali, northwestern region, there were gunfire between secessionist forces and elements of the BIR.

It should be noted that the authorities of Cameroon have declared the operation dead city in the English-speaking areas, prohibits all public demonstrations and groups of more than four people.

On the Ikumbe side in the South-West region, secessionists burned the home of Benjamin Itoe, a former minister and local campaign coordinator for CPMR candidate Paul Biya.

Speaking Areas It should be remembered that reprisals began on the eve of the first anniversary of Ambazonia. On Sunday, fighters of the Ghost Republic of Ambazonia attacked the procession of Paul Elung Che, Deputy Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic in Bangem, Southwest Region.