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Monday, October 29, 2018

Incendiary revelations on dubious practices of Mgr. Mbarga

Monseigneur and Dear Cousin, You compel me to address you through this first open letter. All my discreet attempts, since your appointment at the head of the Archdiocese of Yaounde to curb your surge of greed have yielded no results. I used various channels including the Apostolic Nunciature. My last attempt was on July 4th.

This is why, according to the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ, you are now for me "as a heathen and a publican" (Mt 18:17).

Very dear cousin,

I solemnly ask you to stop your chimeric adventure to steal my social, intellectual, land and real estate. You know exactly what you need to do for this.

You broke into the presidency of a financial engineering association that I founded in 2006 with the aim of contributing to the self-financing of the Archdiocese of Yaounde. I am the only financial contributor to date. You have not hesitated to deceive the religion of Mr. Jean Claude Tsila as Prefect of Yaounde, for you to deliver in a total confidentiality, that is to say in the middle of the night, a receipt for a correction of declaration of association where you grant yourself, in my place and place, the title of President of this association of which you are not even a member.

With this title obtained by deceit and fraud, you asked the President of the Court of Yaoundé, Mr. Timba, to authorize you to convene the board of directors of my company La Foncière SA You then used the referral from hour to hour .

An "expeditious" procedure whose judgment is exclusively based on appearances. Substantive issues not being discussed. You dared to deceive a Judge by asking him to "help you" to revive my company.

A society that does not belong to you and does not belong to the Archdiocese. You have been favored by his judgment, even though a substantive procedure challenging the quality you claim is pending before the same court ...

Dear cousin,

A bishop does not steal. He does not lie. He does not engage in influence peddling. He does not pose an act of moral or material corruption. He does not seek to enrich himself personally. He does not fraudulently ruin the faithful of his diocese. He does not kill the "foreign" congregations ... He does not act at night.

The problem in the Archdiocese of Yaoundé is that when you are married and have families to look after, you become real night owls. You forget all the vows you said in broad daylight during your priestly ordination. Your priesthood becomes an instrument of trafficking; a screen that covers your propensity to materially enrich you, most often at the expense of the Church you claim to serve.

This is how you transformed the Diocesan Procure into family stewardship. You have installed from the first day of your service, wife and brother-in-law. Your goal is to make this Procure, with the assurance of secrecy, a pharmacy laundering property and money ill-gotten. The enrichment of your matrimonial home and your beautiful family is ultimately the peculiar motives of your disastrous greed.

Dearest cousin,

Public opinion has been solemnly informed of the fact that "our Church is delivered to the forces of darkness by the henchmen of Satan and some false members of this Church ... false brothers" (dixit Bishop Joseph Alphonse Akonga Essomba, homily pronounced at the funeral of Bishop Benoît Balla, August 2017).

It seems that it is to you that he thought. He knows you only too well to have seen you pillage on a small scale the major seminary of Nkolbisson and later the Diocesan Procure which your predecessor had the imprudence to entrust you with the management in 2002. He knows that for money you do not stop at anything.

Thus the suspicions that the armed arm of these evil forces and the false brother face are those of the Archbishop that you are, are more and more evident to the eyes of a large number of faithful and observers. .

For my part, I plan to denounce your hold on my heritage that you try to delight me. I will also bring to light your multiple compromises and unethical schemes of a bishop.

If you persist in your blindness I will drag you to a criminal court and to the international human rights court. You will get there with your real face. That of a predator in a cassock wearing a cap. A sweet predator decorated with a pallium stained with shit and blood in which you swim.

It will be necessary that the Holy Father realizes the immense error in which it was induced by appointing you at the head of the Archdiocese of Yaounde. If so, I hope that he will quickly make you suffer the fate he has reserved lately to the infamous members of the clergy. The merchants of the temple.

May God help us!