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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Incarceration of CPP activist: poignant message from Kah Walla

CPP activist Ngo Baleba Albertine Marie Grace was arrested on Saturday, October 28 at around 5 pm by the Cameroonian police. The President of the CPP has reacted with a statement in which she calls for her unconditional release.

Below the

press release of the CPP: Communiqué for the Liberation of Grace Baleba

Douala, October 29, 2018

The Cameroon People's Party informs the national and international community that one of its activists NGO BALEBA Albertine Marie Grace, was illegally arrested yesterday, the October 28, 2018, around 17 hours, by the Cameroonian police.

Ms. NGO BALEBA went to the Central Police Station No. 1 to bring refreshments to her friends, militants of the MRC. They had been arrested earlier in the day during a non-violent demonstration in front of Yaoundé Cathedral. As soon as she arrived and asked to see the militants of the MRC, the police approached him, seized his bag, his phone and arrested him.

In violation of Cameroonian law, Ms. NGO BALEBA was not allowed to consult her lawyer or to see other visitors. She has already spent a night in jail and, as the minutes pass, we are afraid that she will be deprived of a second night of freedom, in all illegality.

The CPP asks you to use all your power and all your influence so that this flagrant violation of the Cameroonian law ends.Freedom is a fundamental right of which no citizen should be deprived, especially when he has not in any way broken the law.

We thank you in advance for taking a stand for human rights.

For the Cameroon People's Party

Kah Walla

National President