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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Here Is The Man Who Was Killed By Secessionists For Voting In Kumba

Indeed, Ngoh Gilbert according to our fellow journalists was dragged out of his home by the separatists on October 10, around Barombi Kang, a district of Kumba. He succumb to his injuries after receiving several stab wounds.

Our confreres also report that the body of another resident, Emmanuel Akateh, was found in Kumba the same day, for having also participated in the vote.

Huge abstention and violence marked Sunday presidential election in the English-speaking regions where armed separatists announced their willingness to prevent the vote.

International Crisis Groups Finds Participation Rate Below 5% in Southwestern and Northwest Regions.

This very low turnout illustrates the hold that armed separatists now have on these two regions, separatists who had promised "war" on election day, threatening to attack voters who would vote.

Source: 237news